‘Dangerous’ dog

Dear Editor:

On Jan. 9, a beautiful Saturday, I took my dogs to the Fergus dog park. As I was finishing up and headed to the parking lot, I could hear a couple on their way in telling someone ahead of me to “Look out, he’s a jumper!” This known jumper then ran over to greet my dogs.

As I leaned down to fix my dog’s leash, this dog jumped up and smashed me in the mouth. The couple did apologize and asked if I was okay. I said I thought I would have a fat lip but was otherwise unharmed. By the time I got to the car my lip was bleeding freely and I could see in the mirror that I had a hole through my lip where my tooth went through it. The lip was starting to swell, and there was a dark hematoma below it from the impact. I left my dogs and went back to speak to the couple.

I told them that while I understand it is an off-leash park, this particular behaviour is not safe. They said the dog is only six months old and they are working on it. As far as I’m concerned that is no excuse.

No dog is perfect and all of them are excited at the park. However, this is a behaviour known to these people and they need to keep the other people who encounter the animal safe until this habit is under control. There are several seniors who frequent this park and as the paths get icy from use, this dog could just as easily have knocked someone off balance enough to sustain a serious injury from a fall.

Everyone should be able to safely enjoy the dog park. If you know your dog has dangerous or in some cases, aggressive tendencies, please don’t come unless you are willing to take the steps to make sure no patron is at risk.

Sherri Moyer,