Curious about classes

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong.

One of the many reasons that my wife and I emigrated to Canada over 40 years ago was that this country was then class free and so opportunities for advancement were based only upon ability and hard work.

In the past five years all parties in Canada have suddenly invented the class system. They all want to provide for the “hard working middle class”.  This begs the question(s): who are we referring to and who belongs to the upper and the lower (or working) classes?

In the UK and some commonwealth countries, it is pretty clearly defined who belongs to each of those classes. In America it appears to be based only on wealth. If we are going to introduce the class system to Canada we need to define it here also.

I can guess that the political elite will be in the upper classes along with those born to wealthy parents, but I would really like to know where my family and grand children fit in, so that I can explain it to them.

Can you help me?

Michael Lee,