Curfews, military

Dear Editor:

An open letter to the premiers of Canada.

In your provinces you have the major cities of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, all with very demanding policing requirements.  Now with COVID-19 those cities have additional policing requirements associated with distancing, trivial travel prevention, part grouping of citizens in common areas and looting.

I suggest that you might consider the following to help see us through this pandemic:

– establish a curfew from say 9pm to 6am, as is the case in India, Italy, Spain and will probably occur shortly in New York; and

– request some of the available 24,000 military personnel to patrol the streets addressing the curfew and letting the city police get on with their routine jobs of gang shootings, drugs, sex trade slavery and robberies.

There is little doubt that within a month or so we will have to initiate the above anyway as inner city looting increases, so why not get ahead of the game?

The public will thank you and afterwards the socialists will probably condemn you, but it is now that matters.

Michael Lee,