Community passion

Dear Editor:

A recent Star article highlighted that dozens of municipal candidates are unopposed in the upcoming municipal elections in Ontario. Local democracy is hard and the decision to run is not an easy one. 

Candidates take time away from work, retirement and family and spend their own money on signs, brochures and travel. Their family, friends and supporters volunteer to help. Community organizations take time to host all candidates meetings, and media invest in building election and candidate awareness.

The fact that five of six ward seats in Centre Wellington are contested (one candidate has withdrawn) and that there are three mayoral candidates, points to the passion for our community and illustrates the importance of the issues facing us. Decisions about growth, housing, employment, bridges and roads, parking, heritage and taxation will shape our community going forward. 

Thank you to all township and county candidates for stepping up to be on the ballot. With so many candidates, the voters face the challenge of getting to know you and being prepared to participate. So please don’t underestimate the impact of canvassing. I know that by showing up at my door, you may very well get my vote!

Peter van Vloten,