Clarifying concerns

Dear Editor:

RE: Skeptical, March 26.

Carrying on a discussion via the newspaper is not a very productive means of communication, but I realize that I need to clarify a few points from my original letter of March 20.

I can assure Heather Charbonneau that neither I nor any relative do or have ever worked for Néstle Waters. In fact, I don’t even drink their water. My background is municipal government and perhaps I was expecting too much of people to see the connection between the non-contact with Néstle and taxes. I apologize. I was not referring to any taxes Néstle may or may not pay to Centre Wellington Township, I was more concerned with the taxes that I would have to pay.

Let me explain. It is no secret that the township will need to expand their source of water in the not too distant future, which was why they put in a bid on the Middlebrook well over three years ago. When Néstle found out they were the competing bid for the well, they offered to work with the township, with conditions unknown (as referenced in my previous letter).

The township made the decision not to pursue this option with Nestle. However, they will still need to find a source of water and, if they do not entertain the idea of working with Néstle, they will have to buy property – with yours and my tax money.

As a senior living on fixed income, keeping a watchful eye on potential savings or expenditures in the future is very important to me.

I hope this provides some clarification for my concerns.

Sandra Solomon,