Changing world

Dear Editor:

RE: Colossal waste, Aug. 8.

Years ago Canadians who suffered a bite from a black fly or mosquito or tick had the comfort of knowing that these creatures were not vectors of disease. That has all changed with the introduction of West Nile, Lyme disease and Zika virus. Our world is changing.

John Scott appears to be quite knowledgeable in the subject of ticks and Lyme disease. His criticism of the recently announced health unit climate change study appears to be not particularly constructive. I am hopeful that this study is more than a study concerning Lyme disease.

Mr. Scott also appears critical of our medical community. I share Mr. Scott’s concern about Canadians having to seek medical treatment in the U.S. When someone like myself who has witnessed the medical treatment of a family member in Ontario (who suffers from chronic Lyme disease), one realizes how devastating this illness is. Maybe this opportunity should focus us on the aspect of prevention. Chronic Lyme disease appears to be an illness that is very difficult to diagnose and to treat. It seems to me that avoiding tick bites and doing tick checks is the key message that we need to reinforce and that aspect is not mentioned.

Mr. Scott’s letter touches on subjects like toxins in our food, water and medications. These subjects are not particularly unique to Wellington County. Likewise regulatory parameters that govern Ontario physicians are also not unique to Wellington County. These subjects seem best addressed at provincial and federal levels.

What is unique to Wellington County is our landlocked nature, in that we do not have ‘front row” access to a great lake for domestic water and sewage disposal proposes. One of our strengths in our community seems to be its progressive nature, the scientific resources located here and the knowledgeable residents. Our world is changing (possibly the emerald ash borer is another example of that) and I support any efforts to mitigate any negative effects of these changes.

I should also add that Wellington County’s Green Legacy program, which promotes tree planting, may be a good example of a local initiative that improves our environment and may have significant long-term benefits.

Hopefully this health unit study assists us with dealing with changes that seem to be forthcoming.

Dave Dorman,