Caring for trees

Dear Editor:

On the front page of the July 2 issue of the Advertiser, it was good to see a maple tree being planted.

And now the unsung work begins: regular watering for the next two years while the sapling gets established, and keeping the mulch doughnut intact to protect its tender trunk from mowers and string trimmers. Establishing young trees successfully takes significant time and effort, which needs to be acknowledged by all who advocate for tree planting as a tool to address climate change.

Another climate change tool, one that rarely makes the headlines, is taking care of the trees we already have. Saplings are our bridge to the future, but right now it’s the big trees that are doing the heavy lifting – sequestering and storing carbon, providing habitat and shade, slowing stormwater and making every neighbourhood more welcoming.

This is the reason Neighbourwoods started Tree Trust, which is an opportunity for us to contribute to professional care for our largest trees in need. To date, eight Centre Wellington trees have been given the Tree Trust treatment, including four that were slated for removal.

Stratford, Toronto Islands and Town of Blue Mountains have adopted our model for tree remediation. The idea of preserving our large trees is spreading.

We invite readers to check out You will find an option to make a charitable donation and/or share a heartfelt story and picture of tree that you cherish.

Toni Ellis,
Centre Wellington
Neighbourwoods coordinator