Cancel culture in action

Dear Editor:

Re: ‘Not enough,’ July 2

In recent issues, the Wellington Advertiser has been fully supportive of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. However, as they and many other politicians, journalists and celebrities found out, one can never be anti-racist enough. If you say or don’t say something that doesn’t fit with the BLM agenda, you will suffer the wrath of today’s cancel culture outrage mob. Apologies are not enough.

Typical of the outraged responses to the cartoon that showed Justin Trudeau kneeling on taxpayers facing the costs of COVID-19, was that “the Advertiser published a cartoon … that uses the murder of George Floyd to push a political agenda” (from a June 25 letter). However, just a few weeks earlier, the Advertiser published a similar cartoon of Donald Trump kneeling on the neck of Lady Liberty. Not a peep from the left-wing crowd. Could it be because their politics are more important to them than being anti-racist?

Unlike most cowardly politicians and the mainstream media, one person who has had the courage to say that she is not totally enamored by the BLM movement is a black woman, Leslyn Lewis, who is running to be leader of the Conservative Party. She is well qualified for the position, holding various degrees including a Masters in Environmental Studies and a PhD in Law from Osgoode Hall. She has stated that “while I believe that we must fight inequality, I cannot support a group like Black Lives Matter in totality, because I strongly disagree that their proposed actions will create meaningful solutions”

I have no doubt that the mob will find some pretext to vilify Ms. Lewis and her supporters as racists. Being a successful black woman is also not enough.

Henry Brunsveld,