‘Blood on their hands’

Dear Editor:

My wife and I had been supporters of the Progressive Conservatives for many decades. That ended when Doug Ford won the party leadership as we strongly believed that he was unfit for that role.

In the ensuing election, voters, desperate for change from the incumbent government, rolled the dice and Ford became premier.

Now, sadly, we see the consequences, including mismanagement of a pandemic response on an epic scale, coupled with blatant dishonesty in related communications to the public – the latter made crystal clear by recent public statements by members of the advisory science table.

Ford says that he acts based on the experts advice – clearly untrue! Some 15 months into this pandemic he has only now said he’s going to support paid sick leave for essential workers (having been brought kicking and screaming to that point by widespread public outrage in response to his announcements on April 16).

There were, understandably, similar reactions to his idiotic moves on policing and shuttering of playgrounds and other reasonably safe, healthy outdoor activities.

And where is Health Minister Elliott in all this? She’s either complicit in supporting Ford’s directions, which is bad enough, or worse – has been opposed to them but lacks the courage to say so publicly and resign from cabinet.

Ford will never resign and Ontario will muddle through eventually despite this, but many needless deaths will have resulted from this government’s gross incompetence. They have blood on their hands and next year will be judged by all of us at the ballot box.

Michael Rose,