Big building

Centre Wellington’s first five-storey building is currently being considered by municipal staff/council. The location of the application from Jennark Homes is Sideroad 18 and Beatty Line.

Area residents sent questions, supported by almost 40 community members, to councillors and municipal staff. Our questions are focused around strong planning rationale such as:

– compatibly with the surrounding protected green lands and rural setting, as three of the four corners at the intersection are protected wet land green space;

– this mid-rise proposal includes converting some protected green space to residential development; and

– if approved, this would establish a future precedence for other five-storey, mid-rise developments for Beatty Line, Sideroad 18, and all rural-like areas in the municipality.

We hope to raise awareness, and feel this application carries some broader public interest around how Fergus/Elora will grow, and where density is focused, notably in rural settings.

We have requested the developer to work with the surrounding neighbourhood to rework the site plan to better reflect the surrounding context, and to protect hundreds of mature trees that would be lost under the current application.

Area Residents of Beatty Line North