Beer Store fiasco

Dear Editor:

Why is it that I find myself writing to you every other week? Maybe its because of the attempts of the Ford government to save the taxpayers of Ontario money.

Their hare-brained scheme to annul the Beer Store contract to the tune of $1 billion dollars in penalties is the latest example of a policy that was concocted no doubt in the basement of his sister’s home. It  appears that he does his best thinking on a Friday afternoon while Vic Fedeli writes it all down on the back of an envelope. Have they considered the impact on the environment? Where will all the empty bottles and cans of beer end up? No doubt in a ditch along a road!

This is what you get when you vote for MPP Ted Arnott in this riding. He may be Speaker of the Assembly, but make no mistake about it, he is in lockstep with Doug Ford and the powerful lobby that supports him to the detriment of the people of Ontario.

Robert Sevigny,