Be kind

Dear Editor:

Why are there so many arguments happening on social media? What happened to the kind conversations? Why does COVID-19 get to break everyone apart??

If you have no kind words to say, don’t say anything at all. The issue mainly seems to be around masks – but why? Anti-maskers should be allowed to state their opinions and beliefs without backlash from pro-maskers. It’s the same for if you flip it the other way. Pro-maskers should be allowed to state their opinions without big arguments and rude backlash!

Everyone is entitled to opinions and feelings but if it isn’t kind,  what’s the point in saying it? To boost yourself because you are insecure? Everyone seems to assume these days that people do things based only off of their opinions. But you do not know the reasoning behind everyone’s actions!

I’m not saying only rude things have been going on in social media posts! Definitely not! There have been such kind posts and words of thanks posted all over, which is amazing to see as it brings everyone up in these hard times.

But in all things, remember to think before you speak. Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? Will anything good come out of it?

Please keep all this in mind, as we never know what is happening in each others’ lives at the moment – good or bad.

Serena de Witt,