‘Balanced reporting’

Dear Editor:

RE: ‘Socialist narrative’, Feb. 11.

Wayne Baker uses the word socialism in a negative way when talking about the balanced journalism of public media, particularly the CBC. I hear the word socialism used a lot in the press these days, usually by people who are angry that they can’t have their own way or aren’t allowed to make hurtful allegations. I decided to check the meaning.

Socialism, according to several online dictionaries, is a system in which all citizens share equally in economic resources as allocated by a democratically-elected government. I think Baker should be using the word communism where the resources of society are controlled by the state.

Our country is a well-functioning democracy. The government, elected by its constituents, makes decisions for the common good without appearing to favour one citizen over another.

Just as the principal stops a schoolyard bully from being nasty, the editor of a newspaper has an obligation to check the information which is printed. He is correct in filtering out inflammatory remarks.  This has less to do with curbing free speech than with keeping the peace.  Everyone in society works for a common good.

The danger occurs when people with a specific agenda, often promoted by well-funded private interests, insist that their rights are being trampled and scapegoat a particular person or agency such as the press.  The Advertiser, like the CBC, serves the people with balanced reporting.

One of the few luxuries of sitting at home during a pandemic is reading the Advertiser once a week.

I enjoy hearing different viewpoints but do not appreciate people making inflammatory remarks which will divide us.

Publisher Dave Adsett shows good judgement in publishing editorials which represent our community.

Cheryl Banks,
Centre Wellington