Bad Erin roads

Dear Editor:

Where are the graders in Erin? A few years ago the roads in Erin were considered above average as compared to other townships. That certainly is no longer the case. 

A new policy was developed to save money by reducing the frequency of maintenance. We have not seen a grader for over two months and here we are closing in on the middle of August and we have not had calcium applied to our road to keep the dust down. 

Caledon, Garafraxa and other surrounding townships all have had their roads graded and treated months ago. Many places on our road are worse than in the spring thaw and the washboard and ruts rattle our vehicles. Leaving your windows open to enjoy the summer breeze just ends up with a house filled with dust. 

What is happening at the roads department? If we don’t maintain our roads they will continue to deteriorate. Are we really saving money? If we are going to pay to apply calcium why not do it earlier so we can have its benefits for the entire summer? 

Hopefully next year a sensible plan will be implemented. Sitting at the end of my driveway looking for a grader.

Mac Yule,