Dear Editor:

RE: Time for a change, June 16. 

I would like to commend publisher Dave Adsett for his editorial on June 16.

Our Chamber of Commerce should definitely follow Brampton’s example and not allow elected officials, a resident running for municipal office, etc., to be named Citizen of the Year.

That is why I was astounded to see this year’s winner in a picture standing next to the person who nominated him: Centre Wellington councillor Neil Dunsmore and Mayor Kelly Linton. Talk about nepotism!  

Dunsmore is running for mayor and it is like Linton is saying, “This is your man.” What about the other candidate who is running for mayor?

Dunsmore was put in as deputy mayor by Linton when he had the previous deputy mayor removed.  On council, Dunsmore always voted with the mayor.

Quite frankly, it is as Adsett said: “a poor look for all involved.”

Judy Haddad,