Arnott lauded

Dear Editor:

RE: Puslinch officials pleased Highway 6 bypass proceeding, July 23.

I am sure everyone involved in this project ever since the journey began in the early 1980s is elated.  Many people, some no longer with us, worked tirelessly:  residents of the township, local politicians and businesses.

Nobody worked harder than MPP Ted Arnott. He encouraged, supported, advocated and, at times, commiserated with all those involved while working across party lines to get the highway realigned.  He honestly never gave up and his example kept everyone else going.  A very big thank you, Ted, for everything you did to make this happen.

When I left Puslinch a little over three years ago, I jokingly said now that the Highway 6 realignment had been approved and shovels were due to go in the ground in 2019, I could safely move on!

When the Conservative government took over in 2018 they put the project on the back burner and it looked like it would never be built.  Hopefully, this time, it will truly go ahead.

Sandra Solomon,
Belwood (formerly of Puslinch)