Archived Letter – 864

re: Hammond’s cartoon May 15th. Enough of the bleeding hearts, and demands for an apology. Pretty soon Omar will be up for Sainthood soon. Has he had a rough go? Undoubtedly, considering being an inmate at Gitmo. But was he fighting as a member of one of the most cowardly terrorist org’s in the world? Most certainly. Did he pay his debt to society? May want to ask the family of the slain US soldier on that one. Bottom line is a 15 year old kid made the wrong choice listening and being coerced (if that’s want you want to call it) by his father. Imagine all the teens being tried as adults for murder in North America today, with such a defence… “My family situation made me do it”… As for Ms. May her reason for such an embarrassing moment is as weak as Omar’s defence… But hey, this is Canada… “And darn everyone deserves a second chance”… Except those who died at the hands of such people.

Brett Davis