Archived Letter – 862

Pay It Forward
We probably have experienced going through the drive through and finding the person in front has bought us our order. Usually a coffee or something small. However on Friday May 22nd, 2015 at around 8:30 pm I was at the Shell Gas Station on Scotland in Fergus getting gas. Their debit machine had not been working properly. When I went to us the ATM in the store it didn’t like my card. I was thinking I would just run home to get cash, when the young man behind me asked if the machine worked. I told him no thinking he wanted to use it, when he handed me $40.00 cash and said it was for my gas. Shocked and unable to speak, he left without me even thanking him. When I asked my daughter who was in the car if she recognized him she said she thought so. So i would like to thank you for showing my daughter and I that there is still kind hearted people out there that help out strangers. I would like to thank your parents for raising such a kind and generous young man. I am writing this also to show the county we do have good things happening in our community with the younger generations. So who ever you are Thank You you are an inspiration to our family and to all those I have told my story to.