Archived Letter – 858

Dear Editor,

We are deeply disturbed by the “Cartoon” on page 11 of the May 15th edition of The Wellington Advertiser. It displays a level of bigotry worthy of only the most poorly informed and intolerant citizenry we have imagined living in our beautiful area. This cartoon is so wrong on so many levels, it is difficult to know where to begin: misogynistic (if Ms. May’s speech were given by a man, none of us would have heard about it);racist (Omar Khadr is not your average White Anglo Saxon, and is a “terrorist,” free on bail, much to the Conservatives’ consternation); and last, but not least, this cartoon shows its author’s true leanings which are so right of centre they are laughable.
We think that both Elizabeth May and Omar Khadr are owed apologies by both Dan Hammond and The Wellington Advertiser. Anything less would indicate that this type of slanderous behaviour is perfectly condoned in our community.
Casey and Holly Franklin

Casey and Holly Franklin