Archived Letter – 856

A recent letter to the editor criticized one demographic group for being outspoken against the sex education curriculum foisted upon our children by our liberal government. Media photographs of Muslims demonstrating at Queen’s Park does not accurately portray the make-up of the protesting crowd. Many others who were there were of Eastern European, Korean, Chinese and North African background. Also many Catholics and W.A.S.P’s. I was there holding a cardboard sign, “Parental Rights!” in minus 25 degree weather in February. The issue isn’t about who is demonstrating, but what. Parental rights to teach sensitive moral values is the issue! These immigrants know better than most about the government intrusion into the lives of families. Whose children are these? Does the government have a right to co-parent our children? If the government refuses to allow parents to opt out because they’ve so saturated the curriculum with their new moral standards then they’ve stepped past co-parenting to a totalitarian system in the schools. The religion of the government schools, is secularism or atheism. Although presented as neutral worldviews they are NOT! They are atheistic in nature and are rather intolerant toward every religion but the religion of no religion. In the name of official atheism, the world met the likes of Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler and other dictators. Why are fewer white Canadians protesting? Could it be that the parents of today’s children, graduates of the public system itself, lack the discernment and understanding of history that new immigrants have lived? Sphere sovereignty and subsidiarity comes to mind. When government intrudes into the sphere of responsibility of parents and refuses to rescind, peaceful protests should develop to protect our rights as citizens and our vulnerable youth.
What is the proper role of Government? Do we even know anymore? It’s not social or economic engineering or the imposition of the intolerant religion of atheism against the founding religion of this country. Rather the government is to establish just weights and measures, an orderly and peaceful society, and protection from outside threats. That is the proper role of government. Nothing more. Certainly not sex education. Parents! Do your job as a parent and teach sex education yourself!
Irma DeVries 519-338-3920
Christian Heritage Party Candidate Perth Welligton.

Irma DeVries