Archived Letter – 820

It seems Mr. Woods is having some difficulties. I again volunteer myself to assist him and his friends.

Creating a French-only society – Again, the government is not creating anything. It is supporting a Franco-Ontarian community that has been here for centuries (not recent immigrants as Mr. Woods implies).
Translation of the Trans-Canada Pipeline documents – I hear that a large number of Quebecers speak French only. Perhaps they would like to read the documents regarding a pipeline passing through their province?
Demands for French from future generations – I am disappointed in the Franco-Ontarian community on this count. They really should get on with it! They have only had 400 years to act.
French education – If Mr. Woods believes there is much money to be saved with the same number of teachers, students, and buildings, many would love to see his homework.
Bullying – If French was eliminated, children would likely find other ways of bullying. The issue here is bullying, not language. But I am heartened that Mr. Woods knows enough French to be able to understand the girls in question!

It has been an entertaining few weeks of correspondence but as I have seen no protest movement headed by Mr. Woods in support of what he believes but have seen almost identical letters to the editor, I can only conclude that he is a man of words, not deeds. We’ll surely find out in next week’s Advertiser!

Good luck to you and your typewriter Mr. Woods. It was a pleasure.

Stephen Van Esch