Archived Letter – 819

Dear Editor; This letter is an address to Kathleen Wynne about the new sex education curriculum and some of the concerns I have after having read through it. Ms Wynne has discounted all who voice dissent about this curriculum as being homophobic, I can reassure her that I have no fear of homosexuals. That being said I wish to know why the premier wishes to introduce 12 year old kids to sodomy or buggery? She has “coined” the term “anal intercourse” in her attempt to normalize the two sex acts as equal in human sexuality. The anus is an organ of the body that was designed for excreting waste from our bodies and now she wishes to sexualize it to everybody`s children starting in grade three. Just from a health care standpoint the CDC in the USA say the largest and expanding segment of society stricken with AIDS/HIV is the group having man on man sex. This is NOT mentioned to the children, the only thing the curriculum says about AIDS is that the “stigma” attached to it has to go. The remainder of STD`s correlated with sodomy are much higher then through intercourse because of the tearing that occurs; also a CDC fact. This may sound far fetched but parents CANNOT remove their children from these classes , this same government passed legislation in 2012 to ensure that their message is instilled in our children.The fact that it goes against many peoples morals and beliefs is inconsequential to Wynne. Freedom of Speech and Religion take a back seat to her goal of sexualizing other peoples kids. Ben Levin a convicted child pornographer was the Ministry of Education`s go to guy and his fingerprints are all over this curriculum. If you research him then this curriculum needs to be flushed down the toilet. Could anybody explain to me what has changed in human sexuality since 1998 when the current curriculum was established? Lastly; quoting a former politician ” the state has NO business in the peoples bedrooms” and I add ” the state has no business sexualizing children about consent, buggery ,masturbation, or that male and female are no longer real”. Gender “fluidity” is hard to grasp as an adult and these politicians and Mr Levin want to expose kids to it. Let the parents do the great job we have always done Ms. Wynne. Leave the teaching of gender theory and indoctrination out of the classroom. I highly recommend everyone to read the entire curriculum or go to for a clear look at what this democratic government has in store for our kids. I know this letter is explicit but at least it is adults that are reading this and not kids in grade school (yet). Sincerely Cornelis Boot

Cornelis Boot