Archived Letter – 818

Dear Editor,
I am disappointed and surprised at the March 6th editorial cartoon since it is so obviously wrong. Editorial cartoons, by definition, should reflect the views of the Wellington Advertiser, unlike guest columnists who can say anything they want and slant the truth to their way of thinking. Chong’s Reform Act was passed by a vote of 260 For and 17 Against. Only 5 backbench Conservatives voted against the Bill. Harper and his entire cabinet along with the great majority of Conservatives voted in favour. How is that undemocratic on Harper’s part and how can you justify the bubble saying “Another win for democracy”. Both Mulcair and Trudeau voted in favour of the bill as well. Elizabeth May voted against this Act which should answer the question asked a few months ago by one of your columnists, i.e. “Why isn’t Elizabeth May the Prime Minister?” Please ensure that future editorials and cartoons are at least somewhat factual, or readers will be inclined to question everything else in your paper.

Vic Palmer