Archived Letter – 806

Re: Millions for what?

Dear Editor:

As Mr. Woods seems certain his question is not being answered, perhaps he should reexamine it. The real question I believe you mean to ask is “Why are we protecting a French-only society in Ontario?” The answer: The government is following the law and protecting what already exists. It is not in the business of creating anything.

Without knowing specifically what Mr. Woods and company are railing against (highway signs? French immersion? French-only schools? Bilingual labels? Official bilingualism?) I’ll just point out that there are numerous laws that they may wish to repeal or rewrite. Please contact Michael Chong and Ted Arnott and outline the specific laws that bother you (as well as the specific section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms).

And if saving tax dollars related to French education truly is your main concern, I again encourage you to contact the Green Party of Ontario to add your support to their belief that the four school boards in Ontario should be consolidated into one.

And one final option: Should French supporters in Ontario choose not to maintain or expand their language and culture, the government would then have no legal obligation to protect anything. Encourage French supporters to give up their language and culture willingly and your goal of a unilingual Ontario will be met.

Of course, I encourage Francophones and Francophiles to continue to embrace French as well as write to their MP and MPP to voice their support for the laws that protect the French language and culture that remain a very important part of our beautiful province and country.

Good luck to you Mr. Woods. Your path forward is clear.

Stephen Van Esch