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This study says…

Dear Editor:

As a layperson my knowledge base is derived from information published through reports and studies from many sources. What I freely choose to accept, or not, becomes my belief system.

Last year Health Canada stopped the production of Citronella (a natural oil bug- repellent) as they believed more studies needed to be provided to prove its safety. This February Heath Canada says the essential oil can be manufactured again with no need of further studies …for now.

For years Doctors proclaimed that cholesterol from our food was a reason for high blood pressure and heart disease. Studies showed Statin drugs would help protect our hearts and arteries. Now the US Food and Drug Administration studies say foods such as butter and eggs are not the culprits. They now warn that those same Statin drugs can cause organ damage.

A professor at Queen’s University recently presented a course on anti-vaccines to her students. Alan Harrison, the provost commented “I am not able to state unequivocally that the instructor’s sole intention was to present the case against vaccination.” Her teachings are now considered conspiracy theories. She has taken a leave of absence.

Joining this offensive is mainstream media. Recently The National’s Peter Mansbridge invited four pro-vaccine proponents for a discussion defending the validity of studies proving vaccines are safe. He made it very clear to his listeners that there were no anti-vaccine proponents invited, to oppose this view, because there is no other legitimate side to the discussion of vaccine safety.

Am I led to I believe that if I don’t know about opposing information on this subject it makes all anti-vaccine studies wrong and all pro-vaccine studies right?

It appears that a study juggernaut dictates what information Governments, Doctors, and Media are given, and when, to mandate my belief system.
I ponder, “Who has the most to gain or lose with the findings in any study?”

Those that hold positions of public trust should be mindful that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Joyce Sloat

Joyce Sloat