Archived Letter – 803

Atten: Kelly Waterhouse, Re: Laughing Gas…
Dear Kelly,
Your food intolerances notwithstanding, I too share the Carpenter’s “joy of farting” (title for a good book perhaps?). I was told by my grandma “nothing funnier than a fart”. And your article had me in stitches. Funny that, wouldn’t you say? For someone so vehement against such potty humour, your writing captured it in a way that was very humourous.
So, I just want to leave you with a few fart facts that you should ponder (or at least Google). The book “Blame it on the Dog” and Joseph Pujol (“Le Petomane”). The former will put a smile on the most ardent anti-gasser and the latter was one of the most popular and highest paid performers at the famous “Moulin Rouge” (1900’s), where the talent and the audience were resplendent in tux’s, gown, jewels and top hats… In other words “High Society”…
Keep up the great work Kelly… And oh yeah, the Carpenter too!!
Respectfully, Brett

Brett Davis