Archived Letter – 1509

Dear Editor:
RE: “Opinion” by Gwyn Morgan, Nov. 1
You would think from reading Mr. Morgan’s “Opinion”, he worked for a natural gas company – oh wait – he did. He suggests the way to reduce greenhouse gases is to burn a different fossil fuel, and keep burning it, and burning it… whereas, what a liveable world needs, is for us to stop burning fossil fuels of all types. The latest IPCC report states we only have 12 years, at most, to significantly reduce emissions.
Most economists, the Eco Fiscal Commission, and recently a Nobel laureate all say the most efficient and cost effective way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels is to put a tax on those same fossil fuels. Mr. Morgan is correct that the starting price of $20 per ton of CO2 will have a negligible effect.
But if taxpayers and industry understand that the tax will be predictably ramped up, they will have time to plan to make greener choices in their modes of transportation and keep buildings comfortable, while choosing more efficient processes and equipment. No one expects us to stop driving fossil fueled vehicles overnight. They didn’t stop driving horse drawn buggies overnight either.
Increasing the cost of fossil fuels will encourage industry to develop cheaper, longer range electric vehicles or hydrogen powered vehicles, or improved public transportation.
A carbon tax can lead to a whole new era of green energy jobs, and a world in which our grandchildren can live.
Ron Moore

Ron Moore