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Hannah Medemblik
Address: 8154 Wellington Road 19 N1M 2W4
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Election Bullying

Dear Editor:
Re: Respect at Election Time
(September 7,2018)

We care about our elections in our community. When the time comes for us to vote, it should be taken seriously especially when it comes to our community, after all, it is where we live and spend most of our time.
This is our community, our town, and our elections matter because those who are elected do the best they can for us and our town. Should we not treat our elections like any other? Do we really want to target our potential leaders?
The name on the sign represents someone who wants to represent us and our needs as a community and that is a hard and important job, those who receive this role deserve respect and support from their community. I think there are nicer and more direct ways to tell the leader they should move to Eden Mills. If people are going to move signs, they should at least switch it with another leader so we don’t have a shortage of election choice.
We should keep our opinions personal and choose someone who shares the same as us and leave it at that. Elections are not a joke and can not be treated like one either.

Hannah Medemblik

Hannah Medemblik