Archived Letter – 1457

Dear Editor:

RE: ‘Economical with truth’ Ron Moore- Aug.2

Mr. Moore objects to my comment, “…doublespeak of the previous governments…”
Sir, the doublespeak of which I speak was that of the Liberals! I guess that Mr. Moore was out of town for the 15 years of the McGuinty/Wynne/Robin’ Hoods!

Now, the Conservatives have the power to undo the damage.
Next year in October, maybe sooner if Trudeau snaps, the federal PC’s will have the same opportunity!

As for B.C., if Vancouverites truly believe that they will get back “…every penny of a revenue neutral tax…”, plus more, then I have some nice swampland in Florida to sell them !

Doreen Henschel

Doreen Henschel