Archived Letter – 1455

Henry Brusveld keeps telling us that we should believe Mark Morano as an authourity on climate change. Why? Mr. Morano is a political sycophant who has worked for the alt-right of the Republican Party (Rush Limbaugh for example. His “Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow” is in fact an anti-environmentalism organization. Mr. Morano’s partner in the organization is Paul Driessen who is a lobbyist for the fossil fuel industry.
One significant argument of anti-environmentalists is that it is in the best interests of the economy, and more specifically job creation, to be anti-environment. These groups include oil producers and mining companies. They argue that the economic benefits of these types of projects outweigh the negative effects on the environment and people who live near the projects. It is in fact the mantra of exploitive industrialism.
Morano, a political studies graduate was a former aide for the Republican Party, while Driessen is a consultant for ExxonMobil and the coal mining industry. So, “Surprise”, they don’t believe in industrial causes for climate change or even if it exists.
My advice on the subject is to check facts not opinion. Look at the NOAA information on temperatures You can actually see the graphs of recorded temperatures in your lifetime. There certainly is a problem.

Michael McPhee