Archived Letter – 1447

Dear Editor,

RE: Science not Settled, July 19
If 97 engineers said a bridge was not safe, but 3 said,”There’s no problem, they don’t know what they’re talking about, they can’t predict when it will collapse”, would you load your grandchildren onto a school bus and tell the driver,”Go ahead, it’s safe, drive across the bridge” ? That’s what you do when you deny climate change and its consequences.
And what’s with, “carbon dioxide is not a pollutant” ? Neither is water, but too much of it can wash away your home or drown you. As carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere, it traps more and more heat from the sun. More energy falls on the earth from the sun in one hour than is used by all human activities in a year. If we trap too much of this constantly arriving energy, we’ll be toast.
Much of the carbon dioxide we emit is absorbed by the oceans where it becomes carbonic acid. The rising acidity is bleaching and killing the coral reefs and also promoting the growth of poisonous oxygen depleting algae.
I wonder if Mr Brunsveld is aware that Canadians subsidize the oil and gas industry to the tune of $3.6 billion per year? No wonder they have huge profits! If you want to cut taxes, cut the oil and gas subsidies. Currently in Canada, the fossil fuel industry employs fewer people than does the renewable energy industry.

Ron Moore

Ron Moore