Archived Letter – 1338

One of the top subjects floating through people’s minds is Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s decision to legalize marijuana. Most people’s automatic reaction to this was, “What? You want to make a drug legal?” Although I do not entirely agree with Trudeau’s plans as far as releasing the drug into stores, easily accessed by civilians, there are benefits of marijuana being legal. With clear instructions from a physician, (e.x. family doctor) marijuana is known to be extremely helpful to cancer patients. Doctors and researchers say the same thing.

Yes, marijuana will be released into arms reach of the Canadian citizens, including those who have a dangerous addictions. But, the prime minister put a lot of thought into this, and there are rules to protect people, like weight limits of what you can purchase, and facts can prove how much it will help people, all in all, marijuana being legalized will help more than it will hurt. All of us should be aware of how much it will benefit those who have the awful, and sometimes incurable disease known as cancer.

Charlotte Berry