Archived Letter – 1331

Dear Editor,
I’m a grade 8 student at John Black Public School in ontario and I’m writing about Women’s Rights. In the current version of the world that we live in, women aren’t treated equally to men. Men get higher pay, and while this has changed over the years, for every dollar men make, women make 79 cents.
Women achieve more educationally and are participating more in the labor force than ever before, but that’s all the more reason to give us equal pay and treat us like a peer, colleague, or a friend.
Don’t treat us like objects, cause we’re not, we’re made of flesh and bone just like everyone else. Our hearts beat to the rhythm of our own minds just like everyone else.
Change takes time, but the time is up. We have had centuries of time to change, if we keep going at the rate that we’re “changing” then by about 2058 women will get the same pay as men. It’s 2018, we can do better than that. So tell your boss’s, colleagues, and partners what change you want to see, and make that change happen.


Molly Richardson