Archived Letter – 1330

Dear editor
I’m a grade 8 student who attends john black public school in ontario, and i’m writing about equal treatment for women. We’re living in a world where males are higher on the ranks. Females have to work harder to be heard, and some people still don’t listen. Lots of people think that males deserve to be treated better but there’s nothing different from females and males, they can do the exact same thing, so why is treatment different? In many countries girls can’t vote or go to school. Also many females pay is lower than males for the same job, females get 77% of what males get paid.Tons of girls can do amazing things but their lack of rights are holding them back. Many woman do amazing thing for example Malala Yousafzai, Malala was fighting for females rights to go to school and when she was shot by a Taliban she got back up again and now she is an activist for female rights and her and Ziauddin made the Malala fund for girls to go to school. There are many girls who could change our world yet people still believe they are lower than males. This issue is very important me because if I was born somewhere else I could be the girl who’s not aloud to school, I wouldn’t be able to write this letter right now and I think that would stop. Many females cant speak out and that’s why I am. Hopefully this letter got my point across and didn’t waste your time.

Sincerely ,
Emily R