Archived Letter – 1327

These days you will find small children in strollers on their tablets watching what seems to be an innocent kids cartoons at first glance. You can find these “ child friendly cartoons” all over youtube. Some of these videos are educational. Teaching your child colors,numbers,letters,and animals all in the tune of a song. Your child does not know any better than to click on the video that interests them or has their favourite cartoon character. Sometimes the videos can have inappropriate themes or lewd titles. Such as “mlp cartoon transforms with love twilight get harassed at the movie theater”. If you happen to find your child watching things such as this on the regular youtube platform you can just download youtube kids. Sadly some of these inappropriate videos have gone through the filter and onto the youtube kids platform. Some of these videos could easily scare a child or traumatize them by the violent or scary themes. And if you find your child watching these videos it’s best to take away the electronic almost immediately and do 1 of 2 things. Change the video to a more friendly video, or turn the electronic off and find something else for your little one to do. This situation got so bad it was on BBC news. The news channel interviewed parents. A concerned parent said their child was watching these videos and she heard crying and machinery noises coming from the child’s tablet. The child did not want the mother to take it away, she thought it was peppa pig. So next time if you put something on your device for your child to entertain them, make sure it is appropriate. You can always turn it off.

Lily wood