Archived Letter – 1326

Have you ever thought of what’s inside your food, and if it’s good or bad? You might be eating an unhealthy snack and not even realize it. Eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables are good for your health, and your body. They give you a good amount of nutrients, and aren’t high in any calories or fat. When you eat more healthy foods, they can decrease your chance of getting heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancers, and can strengthen your bones. Without eating healthy, you may gain some weight, and not be able to function properly. Your body needs vitamins and minerals, which healthy foods have, and without them, you can have a higher chance of getting diabetes, and even heart attacks. Your body can’t process this much trans fat and cholesterol. You might suffer from eating disorders, tiredness, or stress when eating unhealthy food. Instead, start getting your body used to healthy foods, and try to avoid products with sugar and fats. Continue to do this, along with exercise, and you’ll have a healthy body, along with good health.

Beena Ilukkumbure