Archived Letter – 1324

Dear Editor,

I am a student at John Black Public School. I feel that the problem of pollution is not getting enough thought, not just in Fergus but in many other communities as well. I think there is many ways we can help this cause. One thing that will help this cause is try not to drive everywhere. People are way too lazy, instead of driving, try walking! If you are driving out of town, or you are more than a few minutes away you will probably want to drive that’s understandable, but you don’t need a drive to school or to a friends house. You also probably want to drive somewhere when it’s rainy and cold, also understandable, but sometimes you need to just deal with the weather. If you live farther away from the place, but still in reasonable distance try biking. It will get you where you want to go faster, and it’s fun! If you need to drive somewhere and you aren’t able to walk or bike, carpool! If you know someone in your neighborhood that is going to or somewhere around where you work or are going it’s a great option. There are so many ways to help stop pollution, transportation is a big cause of pollution.
From, Hailey F.

Hailey Frielink