Archived Letter – 1323

Dear, Editor
Hi, I am a student at john black public school.I am here to tell you my point of view on why we should have a Starbucks. Have you ever found yourself driving to Guelph and wondering why we don’t have a Starbucks in Fergus?I think that Fergus NEEDS a Starbucks, some reasons are that people are turning to Guelph. However, pollution caused by cars is not suitable for our environment.A Starbucks in Fergus would make a decent amount of money due to all of the people that drive to Guelph to get Starbucks.As Fergus is getting more significant people from bigger and smaller communities are moving to Fergus for the modern appearance, I feel that’s Starbucks would make a better selling point to people that move from places with a Starbucks.Others may think that we can go without it in my point of view it would be beneficial for our town. A good spot for a Starbucks would be near the high school or downtown.I moved from Guelph to Fergus and noticed that in a smaller town there is a lot of stuff that we could add to make our town a fun place.A Starbucks would be a highlight of our town for teens and adults. I feel that we could add one more coffee shop and Starbucks would make a good fit in our town.

From, Hailey P

Hailey Pegelo