Archived Letter – 1306

Letters to the Editor

A number of signs have been posted on trees in Elora and Fergus indicating that the tree will be removed. Someone has torn some of the signs down, perhaps a tree lover hoping the tree will be able to dodge the chainsaw? No luck.

EVERY tree tagged for removal is an ash and therefore doomed by the Emerald Ash Borer.

Here’s the silver lining; thanks to Mat Alain, our new Urban Forest Manager , 200+ street trees have been planted this fall on our streets. Many have been placed near a marked ash tree, so that the canopy will fill back in in a few short years. And a diversity in the species have been selected which will make our streets more interesting and our urban forest more resilient to future pest invasions. It is wonderful to see young trees on our boulevards, adding to our sense of community and of course, providing shade!

Readers might also be interested to hear another 277 native trees and shrubs have been planted by Public Works staff in the rural areas for stream bank stabilization/naturalization.

Thank you to Township staff and Council for making this possible.


Toni Ellis

Toni Ellis