Archived Letter – 1300

I was wondering if I could get a shout out to a women of our community tomorrow?

The well known Helen Marucci is retiring from Welcome Wagon.

Founded in 1930, Welcome Wagon is a Canadian-owned, FREE service for families experiencing a lifestyle change. Whether you are a new homeowner or are simply relocating to a different neighbourhood, packing and moving are just the first steps. Finding your way around town and familiarizing yourself and your family with the local community can be tough. As a free service, they’re here to help to get settled into your new home and neighbourhood.

As a new mom or a newcomer, the transition can be challenging. From hospital visits to home visits, their reps always come bearing free gifts and discounts for newcomers and new parents.

Since April 1998, Helen has met more than 10,000 people in our community. She has visited 4,237 families. Which consist of 2,231 newcomer families to Centre Wellington and 2,006 new moms and their babies.

Helen will be missed in her role with Welcome Wagon. She deserves an applaud for her accomplishments. Congratulations Helen on your retirement!!!!
One of your newcomers

Suzette Smeltzer