Archived Letter – 1297

How much damage is going to be allowed before the Colleges are back to work. This is not just about one semester. If the courses students are now taking are only offered in the fall, then they will have to retake them next fall. If their current courses are prerequisites for winter courses, then the winter semester is compromised as well. This means they will be back for a full year, next year. If the student is in their last year, their entry into their career will be delayed by either a semester or a full year. My husband and I scrimped throughout our work lives to put money into an Education Savings Plan for our son. The plan would have covered his four year program and he would have come out of College, without the debt load that is plaguing many young adults today. Now where does the money come from? I read that the Ontario government has set an expectation that a fund will be created to help students who are in need. Will this help be available in 2018/2019, if students are forced into returning in 2018/2019. Will this fund cover rent, food and transportation costs. Education costs go way beyond tuition. How much damage has to be done?
Joanne and Bob Mitchell

Robert Mitchell