Archived Letter – 1113

Dear Editors;
misinformer, noun m/f. deceptive person, one who purposefully deceives or misleads

Our undoubtedly, most trusted local Member of Provincial Parliament, Liz Sandals, has informed us that “actually misinformers” lurk in the village of Aberfoyle. She knows who they actually are and they abound in our neighbourhood in northern Puslinch ! Even in our sacred council chambers!
Beware! They could be licensed hyrologists, they could be soil or ground engineers; but, no doubt they are bona fide
misinformers. They will mislead you, they will deceive you !
Alas, don’t be worried, Liz knows who they are and she will
actually expose them and their cunning array of stunts very
soon. Fewer fake hydrologists and engineers we need not here
in Puslinch. Praise Ms. Sandals and her team of “misinformer

Jim McClure,
Crieff Ontario.

Jim McClure