Archived Letter – 1100

Dear Editor,
RE: Mapleton residents approached by wind power company WPD. September 16, 2016

Many farm areas around Southern Ontario have been used for building wind turbines. Recently, some were built in Centre Wellington and several more around Arthur.
Mapleton residents are opposing leases from the wind power company, WPD. These massive power generators are not bad like people perceive them to be. Some people think that turbines create health issues; however, a recent study by Health Canada says there is no connection.
Also, why are we disapproving the construction of an object that can supply our province with much needed power? Almost any Southern Ontarian can say that they use power or electricity every day. We use power for even the simplest of tasks. Another source says that WPD has installed many wind turbines globally; all of which have proved to be immensely beneficial.
Wind turbines don’t cause people any harm and are providing everyone with the essentials of today’s lifestyle. Therefore, my fellow Canadians, let’s not readily dismiss these turbines so easily.

Claire Niezen