Archived Letter – 1099

Justine Broersma
Re: OPP: Labor Day long weekend was deadliest in two decades
September 16, 2016

Consider the Lives of Others
According to the Ontario Provincial Police, the 2016 Labor Day weekend was the deadliest in twenty years. Families want to enjoy the last weekend of summer but their lives are at risk. The police are doing all they can to make this a safer holiday, therefore it is up to the people to take responsibility for their actions.
The police have raised awareness by conducting a campaign. They even used social media to call on road users in hope to make the road a safer place. The police charged almost 800 drivers with distracted driving.
We should be grateful to the police. Although pressing charges may not seem beneficial to us, it is. By doing this, the police send out a warning to all drivers. It limits the amount of unsafe drivers on the road.
Taking precautions like not driving under the influence and using cellphones can save your life as well as the lives of many innocent people.
Because people have not been taking responsibility for their actions there have been reports of many road fatalities and charges, especially on Labor Day weekend. Do not blame the police; they are there to protect us. People should think about the safety of others and themselves while driving on the roads.

Justine Broersma