Archived Letter – 1098

Letter to the editor
Wellington Water Watchers calls for more stringent laws.
Dear editor, an article in your evening paper caught my eye. The article, Wellington Water Watchers calls for more stringent laws, deals with the water situation in Center Wellington. It explains the amount of water consumption companies are using.
From this they move to speak about how the restrictions are not enough and the devastation and dry areas are multiplying. The lack of water is evident all over. Creeks gone dry, Lakes reduced to nothing but a small river flowing slowly.
We need to come together as a community and put new laws in place to restrict companies from squandering all the water. This is definitely an issue that should be dealt with and soon. Isn’t water the most precious resource in the world? Without water no life can be sustained. No, it is not wrong to sell water, but it needs to be under heavy supervision. Herby we should always be well aware of the natural resources around us, realizing their beauty, appreciating its perfection.
We need a law.

Sheldon Kingma