Archived Letter – 1094

Dear Editor:

Re: “ Hundreds attend grand opening of Emmanuel Christian High School’’ (Sept 9)

It was well over two weeks ago when the open house and grand opening for Emmanuel Christian High School took place. It was amazing to see so many people attending this event. And to have the community come and witness the beginning of ECHS’ life on Tower Street.

Classes have continued on after the move, as if it never happened. It has taken thirteen months to fully refurbish the building and it is school ready. So much work went into reconstructing this building, moving, cleaning and preparing.

There has been many changes from our old school, there is an abundance of classrooms and the halls are much easier to navigate. The student lounge has been a great success as well. A place for us to hangout while on spare or during lunch, to relax on the couch and to rival our friends at foosball.

We have much to be thankful for, as a church community and as a high school.

Joel Niezen

Joel Niezen