Archived Letter – 1092

Ref: Opinion By John Pepall
First, I’d like to state that I agree with Mr. Pepall, maybe for a few different reason, but the net result is the result is the same.
Next year our Country will be 150 years old. It was born without blood and conflict and has continued that way for its history. We have fought wars to protect others and ourselves
sacrificing men, women and treasure. Our Parliament has seen many views and we have elected MP’s of many stripes, including a communist. We’ve had majority parliaments and minority parliaments both have worked,not always as we have wished, but still our country has got through, alive and well.
Some of the alternate proposals for changing our electoral system have been used in other countries and from an outsider’s view have resulted in far too much compromise that in the long term have thwarted democracy. It appears to me (and many others) that we are wanting to change just
for the sake of change which in itself is wasted effort and usually doesn’t make anything better. In my opinion changing the system will just promote fragmentation and sure as heck will not make an apathetic population go to the polls in any greater numbers than they do now and if anything will reduce the shameful numbers of those who vote
even lower.

E. Barry Bruyea