Archived Letter – 1078

An Open Letter to Michael Chong, MP, Wellington-Halton Hills

Dear Mr. Chong,

As you know, the All-Party Committee on Democratic Reform is receiving submissions from voters on the subject of changes to the way we elect officials. MPs have been encouraged to consult their constituents and provide a submission reflecting their views to the Committee by October 1.

In your response to my inquiry, you indicated that you would make it publicly known if you plan to hold a town hall meeting on electoral reform. With respect, I would urge you to change ‘if’ to ‘when’.

You deserve credit for your previous work on democratic reform culminating in the Private Member’s Bill you sponsored in 2013. The current government’s commitment to electoral reform is an opportunity to build on your past efforts. Whatever the outcomes of the consultation, it is an important opportunity for your constituents to contribute directly to the conversation. Given your commitment to democratic reform, I hope you will hold a townhall meeting to provide an opportunity for your constituents to meet and share their opinions on electoral reform, so that you can share their views with the All-Party Committee.


Harvey Thomson

Harvey Thomson