Archived Letter – 1074

Hello I would like to just put a little not so little story out there about a well known “family runner” busines.. We all know them as Brussels Transport.. I’m gonna start by I drove for them for sometime for a few years then left and came back a few years later and I loved working for them.. Then they gave me and my family the opportunity of a life time something that Ive always dreamed of but would never be able to do on my own.. They sold me one of there old trucks which at that time was a 2007 so a few years old and little rough around the edges but I took it.. Happier then a pig in a pig pen I drove it with pride!! I worked my but off day n night struggled with the expenses but made it work.. I then had a accident out west which when I called to tell the boss I was treated like crap talked to like a prisoner put down told I was useless basically a failure and a waste!! Yet I paid for everything that happened out of my own pocket they never offered to help and hell even to this day they never even asked if I was OK after the accident!! Really nice company eh?? At that point they “punished” me like I was a child and like its never happened before and would not let me run west kept me local pretty much for the next year making nickels and dimes to watch me struggle.. But I wasn’t gonna let that stop me.. My wife knew how much I loved my truck and let me put endless hours on working on the truck spending more then enough money on the truck on as she would say “stupid things” lol but hey I like to look good on the road lol..she even got me stuff for the truck that I was saving for and surprised me with them once on Christmas and next valentines day.. Then another dream come true.. Never enough chrome shop in Belleville Ontario has a contest every month called truck of the month I finally entered and then my phone rang.. Hey Steve you won truck of the month!!! I was so happy almost cried!!! In just a year and a half I took that truck from nothing to winning contests with in!!! Well 2 weeks later I had truck problems which again talked to like a prisoner and like it was my fault I broke down well no sorry it happens!!! So they sit me at home even after its fixed guess “pumishing ” me again.. The following Sunday I get a text saying hey Steve I have a load to Burlington out of our yard be here at 3 pm to load.. OK so I show up at 3 get called into the office and get told no there is no load were firing you and taking the truck from you!! What the hell? And that’s exactly what they did told me I had 2 weeks to pay off what I owe or there gonna sell it on me and they won’t let me get my stuff that I’ve worked so hard for and some stuff that were gifts off the truck they kept my whole last pay cheq basically left me and my family with no warning and nothing!! How is a guy that came from nothing supposed to come up with that money? He can’t!!! So now I have lost my truck all the money I put into it no job no income losing our house our vehicles because of them!!!! Talked to lawyers and they said they have illegally took the truck from me they can’t with hold it from me and need to let me take the truck and continue to make my payment as usual but elsewhere.. But nope they won’t let me they haven’t even let me see the truck since that Monday they fired me they are doing everything illegal!!! My lawyer wants $5000 to take them to court but again Brussels Transport left me with nothing so I can’t even do that.. So they make money by selling me the truck for crazy price then let me turn it around and make it a really nice truck take it from me and sell it again and I lose all the way around!!! Nice family business that is!! Thanks for showing us all what kind of people you are Brussels Transport!! Thanks!! Just think of what you took from me my wife and our children!! Our children loved that truck more then I did which I can’t even explain how much I loved it!!! People need to know what you are like and how you treat people!! I’m blown away and hurt more then ever

Steve Govier