Archived Letter – 1068

Re:Having it both ways- July 8/16

Last year, GET council bowed out from involvement in the Hidden Quarry decision, giving that responsibility to the OMB. That was fair since their own consultants recommended approval.
Last week, we hear that the PRIVATE protest group, CRC, received 70,000 taxpayer dollars from GET to pay legal bills incurred partly from fighting GET!
The “slush fund” received and used by GET to pay-off the CRC was created by selling a PUBLIC taxpayer owned asset, Ontario Hydro. This taxpayer cash was supposed to be used by municipalities to improve “aging infrastructure”.
Ironically, JDCL is a company that supplies infrastructure materials and pays taxes to the towns in which it operates.
Could the sudden pay-off be due to the fact that the OMB was about to approve the project, all conditions having been met by JDCL?
Messrs. White and Bouwmeester state the quarry is too risky to the town.
Thank God that attitude did not exist amongst our more enlightened ancestors!
Without risk, there would be no planes, trains, automobiles, space shuttles, bridges,railways, family homes or skyscrapers. Nothing happens without risk!
Council has done us a great disservice by their dishonesty.

Doreen Henschel

Doreen Henschel